Want to Earn Rewards? - Find Out How!

Statice Paper Co has a brand new rewards system. In 2020 we really wanted to focus on giving back and to say a huge big thank you and we love you to all the pretty planner people who have supported us. To do this we are implementing some new techniques to help you get more of the goodies you love. So how does it work? Read on to find out.  

Freebie Samplers -

Just like previous Statice Paper co will be including samplers with all orders. The difference this year is that we now have a tiered sampler system. Put simply the more you spend the more freebies will be included with your order. So which freebies will you get?

All orders - Promotional sampler freebie. These freebies will be changed often and will be themed to new releases, events or holidays.

Orders over $20 - Promotional sampler freebie and seasonal sampler freebie. Our seasonal freebie sampler will reflect the colours and themes of the season at the time.

Orders over $50 - Previous sampler freebies and a seasonal die cut. These themed die cuts will match our seasonal freebie sampler.

Orders over $80 - All previous samplers and a vinyl decal. Vinyl decals will be sent at random depending on stock levels.

Orders over $100 - All previous samplers and a best sellers sticker sheets. This full size sticker sheet is a sampler of all our best selling stickers.

Orders over $150 - All previous samplers plus your choice of weekly kit. That's right a free weekly kit!

Bonus or Limited Freebies - During sales or promotions extra freebies may be included with you order.

Loyalty Program - 

Our new loyalty program is super simple. No more online accounts or complicated point systems. All orders will now include a decorative journal card. On the back on the card you will find a grid to collect Statice mail. You can find your Statice mail stickers on you freebie samplers. Once again the more you spend the more Statice mail you will collect. Simply fill the grid with you Statice mail to earn a $15 shop credit!

PR Discount Codes and Samplers - 

Our PR team will be returning in 2020. Openings for our new team will be advertised in early February so keep an eye out for more information in regards to PR positions. When the new team is announced make sure your following their social media for access to exclusive discount codes and samplers. 

Freebie Fridays - 

Freebie Friday is a brand new way for us to say thank you in 2020. It will be held once a month in our Facebook group "Statice Paper Co VIP". Each month will be different but could include giveaways, free digital downlaods, cashbacks or competitions. Make sure you are following us on Instagram @staticepaperco and join our Facebook group Statice Paper Co VIP, you dont want to miss these. 


Thank you to all of you for your amazing support. It really does mean the absolute world to me and encourages me to keep creating.

Happy Planning!!! 



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